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Tool Glossary

• Corner Trowel - Creates Precise inside Corners When Installing Drywall
• Plaster Mold - Creates Decorative Moldings
  (the Profile of the Molding Is in the Shape of the Tool)
• Scratcher - Scratches the Surfaces of the Bottom Layers of Plaster
  So That the Next Layers Stick
• Felt Brush - Cotton-and-Wool Brush That Makes the
  Finish Coat Nice and Smooth
• Hawk - Tray with a Handle That Holds Plaster While You Work
  Walls and Ceilings

• Brush - Smoothes Finish Coats in Hard-to-Reach Places
• Float - Used for inside Corners for Finish Coats
• Margin Trowel - Mixes Plaster
• Wiper - Mixes Large Quantities of Plaster Simultaneously
  (Attaches to a Regular Drill and Rotates in a Bucket with the Plaster)
• Darby - Makes a Wall or a Ceiling Straight
  (Length of It Makes a Straight Plane Surface)

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